Written by Ike Holter 

Director: Terrence Mosley 

Lighting Design: Sarah Schultz 

Costume Design: Adeline Santello 

Stage Manager: Kiara Brown 

Production Manager: Diana Angell 

Syraucuse Department of Drama Production Photos taken by Mike Davis 

Man and woman sit on orange couch. They are talking to a woman who is standing in a purple kitchen
Tess and Lynk stand on dirty porch with the city scape and billboard behind them
Lynk and jordan sit on moonlit roof drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon bears.
Lynk lays on orange couch in a purple robe, the apartment is covered in trash
Lynk and Jordan stand on moonlit roof, looking out into the distance.
Lynk, Tess and Jordan stand in triad formation. They are half dressed in each others clothes inside the apartment


Kitchen wall draftings.
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